Dr. Khan is a wonderful dentist! Very thorough. The quality of care here is beyond any other dentist I have been to.

Chris, Woodsdale

This is Chris from Woodsdale, Illinois and I had a dental implant put in my back bottom molar and my experience with Dr. Khan has been wonderful. He knew exactly what I needed to hear, he said the things I needed him to say just to really let me know what was going on with the procedure as well as his experience and certain things that might come up because of the procedure. Also he was very calm and collected and he even met with me one weekend when I was kind of concerned about an issue that I noticed. So he was very willing just to help me with whatever it was I needed at the time so he’s a great doctor and I would recommend him to anyone, especially for dental implants. So, thank you again Dr. Khan and the office staff is wonderful! They’re very welcoming and make it so much a whole new experience so anyone who is interested in getting any kind of dental work done, I would highly recommend Dr. Khan.

Linda L.

AMAZING EXPERIENCE!!!! Dr. Khan is the only dentist I will ever refer anyone to. He is a very professional, detail oriented, kind doctor who just happens to be an amazing dentist!!! I had implants done for the whole top of my mouth just two days ago, and have nothing but praise for Dr. Khan and his entire staff. I felt at ease the moment I walked into the office. Dr. Khan has personally called to check on me, showing he is concerned about his patients at a very deep level. Talk about professional service. All scripts for surgery and after care were received and filled before the procedure. All aftercare instructions were gone over several times with many reminders to call with any questions of problems-at any time! Dr. Khan knows what he is doing; he is a very talented dentist who has taken cosmetic dentistry to an art form!! I can honestly state, without hesitation, that placing yourself in Dr. Khan’s hand for any dental procedure, will be the best decision you ever made!!! Choosing Dr. Khan and his wonderful staff has proved to be the best decision I ever made. All work was done in Dr. Khan’s office by him. There was no running back and forth between dentist and oral surgeons offices. Through out the entire process I have never questioned my choice of doctors or the care I was receiving. From my first consultation to the final visit today, every detail of my care has been handled with great skill and attention to detail. Dr. Khan promised that I would be 100% satisfied and he is a man of his word. I am 63 years old and this is the best thing I have ever done for myself. So-if you are considering implants, please take my heartfelt advice, call Dr. Khan’s office to set a date for your free consultation. Bring a list of all your questions and concerns, you wont be disappointed. Then fasten your seat belt and get ready for an AMAZING TRANSFORMATION!!

Richard B., Wheeling

My name is Richard Bodine and I live in Wheeling, Illinois. I’ve been a patient of Dr. Khan’s for the past two years after having returned from living overseas for several years. Recently I needed two new crowns, one of which required a root canal. Both of these processes could not have gone more smoothly and totally exceeded my expectations. You cannot help but be extremely impressed with all aspects of Dr. Khan’s practice. Staff is extremely professional and knowledgeable and always does their best to make your visit as pleasant as possible. The atmosphere is one that even nervous folks like me are made to feel totally at ease. I highly recommend Dr. Khan to anyone whose looking for a new dentist. I can only say that once you go one time you’ll never look for another dentist again.

Alexander S., Algonquin

Hi, I’m Alexander Sizak from Algonquin, Illinois. I’m one of those if it ain’t broke don’t fix it kind of guys. Well, sometimes teeth need fixing and I needed a filling, a crown replaced, and an implant. I haven’t been to a dentist for at least six years. Once again, if it ain’t broke… Well, I did some research online, I checked out multiple businesses – costs are really important to me as I don’t have any insurance but references and that old gut feeling played a major role in my final decision. As of right now I’m midway through the implant procedure. I’ve had a cleaning and x-rays, a filling and a crown replacement all in the last three months. So far, Dr. Khan and his staff; Paula, Lindsay, Jolene, Heidi – I hope I haven’t forgotten anyone; sorry if I did – have exceeded all expectations. Always friendly, always prepared, and most important to me – always professional. I really hope nothing else breaks but if it does I will not hesitate; I will go back and visit Dr. Khan and his really friendly staff. Thank you very much!